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That was it. The sound of bone crunching, grinding, squealing in protest as the body is forced to move in a way it is incapable of moving. An eye-watering, painful sounding pop as the joint dislocates from its socket. Pops out of its place to hang there limply, almost like a child’s doll that hangs uncaring from their hand. There is no blood. Just the grotesque view of joints misplaced as it dangles there, slowly swinging back and forth from the remaining momentum of being yanked out of its spot. There was no blood; just the ever present, eye watering pain that numbed the entire limb of dislocation choice.

As the pain worked its way from the joint to my brain, I swore that I could feel each individual nerve ending screaming in agonizing pain and anguish at the realization that my limb decided that it no longer wished to be a part of the rest of my body. That same moment those nerves began wailing in disheartened sadness as they realized that this was not possible. The skin that covered my body clung defiantly to the limb, refusing to let go; almost like a child going to their first day of school. Clinging for dear life, refusing to let said limb detach itself if that were even possible without doing more damage to itself than to anything else.

And then as suddenly as the pain started, it began to recede. Back to the place where pain belongs; in the deepest recesses of my mind. Boxed away where it cannot surface until absolutely needed. Pain that was so prominent before, now not so much. Slowly but surely, the pain all but disappeared. Numbed by the best medicine that was available. Now, almost back to normal except for the dangling limb problem.

Thoughtful sounds, and appreciative laughs as my limb is being examined to see what the extent of the damage of ripping it out of its socket was. Head shaking while the faces were smiling as they announced that it was nothing serious, and that all that had to be done was pop it back home. Nods of agreement, and then I feel warm hands bracing either side of me, holding my rebellious body in place as they prepare to reattach my limb.

A sickening, squelching pop vibrates through my body, echoing and bouncing all around. The pain dully shoots through right after it, announcing that it was still there. Showing that the rest of my body won out against that particular limb. The hands released me and sent me on my way after I got to experience what it would be like for my limb to want to be on its own for a second time in an afternoon. As I left, I came to the conclusion that I needed to find a way to keep any other limbs from deciding to try to go out on its own. I would rather not have to feel like a cat that had gotten its tail stomped on.


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