The Disappearances

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The Disappearances

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:09 pm

It started with a disappearance. A young girl that vanished right off the street in the middle of the day when her parents weren't paying attention. The watch was notified, yet no one seemed to be able to find her. Not a footprint in the mud, nor a whisper of scent on the air. It was almost as if she never existed at all. On top of all of it, no one had even seen anyone approach her. So how did she disappear and where could she have gone in such a short time? The entire town was searched, homes ransacked and the townsfolk were thoroughly questioned although it seemed as if no one had any idea where the girl went.

The town probably would have forgotten all about the girl over time if it wasn't for the strange occurrences happening around town. It was innocent seeming at first; things moving around, noises that couldn't be explained, the occasional glimpse of a foggy mass moving around. Then things got dangerous. The ghost as the townsfolk have dubbed it, now throws things at people with the intent of seriously harming someone. Things like clay jugs, pots and pans for cooking, along with knives and weapons. No one is safe at no time of the day or night, and most of the town are afraid to sleep without someone watching them through the night. The result of this new precaution is that half the town sleeps at night, the other half sleeps during the day and almost nothing gets done anymore.

Thankfully for whoever is behind the disappearances, this makes things much easier for them to continue their work kidnapping townsfolk. It appears to not be just women, but men as well that are now disappearing. Not all the time, just once every new moon or so; but often enough to frighten the town between the disappearances and the ghostly problems. Even with all the problems, the townsfolk have no shortage of meat thanks to the butcher in town who seems to always be able to supply everyone with meat even with everything going on. No one found this odd however, the butcher is a hunter and is frequently seen walking out the front gates of town for a day of hunting to replenish his supply.

After about four months of problems, the townsfolk sent to neighboring towns for help. Only knowing that they must get help or over time there won't be anyone left in town but the ever increasing ghosts.

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