Doorway to Where?!

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Doorway to Where?!

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:23 pm

There's a legend in this land; or at the least just a story an old man in his cups tells to pass the night by, and this is how it goes:

My Pappy told me when I was a youngin that once, a long time ago a powerful wizard created a door that would allow someone to transport to any world and any time the traveller wished. One simply had to think of a place they'd like to go, and it would take them there. Of course, that wizard was never seen but once by a king that no one remembers. His name was Ruther the Odd. Oh yes, he was odd for sure; always going on about this story or that and never paying any mind to his duty. Supposedly he lived about fife hundred years ago, though there are no memories or even records of such a king existing, so who's to know if he really did exist? Now don't give me that look. This legend was passed down from through my family for generations. It had to start somewhere din'it? Yup, a Door to Anywhere. On'y limited by your imagination.

Cyralon is the land that you've stumbled into and the land that holds the legend with the key to getting back home. Unfortunately, it seems as though only the old man knows this story. If anyone else does they need to be sought out, for they're not talking. Fortunately, most of the land is recognizable: the trees and animals all look exactly like the ones on Earth. The land itself looks almost like it could be somewhere on Earth with its rolling bright green hills, bright blue waters, and far-off snow capped mountain range. At least you'll have an idea of what's safe and what's not. The only problem is that you stick out like a sore thumb as most people are dressed like they belong in the Renaissance Era, and no one is willing to talk to someone dressed as you looking like you slept in the forest. The only things that remind you of your previously normal life are a hangover from the party last night, and your clothes.

Make sure to send all Characters to the Admin before posting!

Age: (At least 18)
Bio: (Make sure to include wandering the forest and through a natural arch way formed by fallen trees.)

Please make sure to keep it PG-17 Smile


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